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Deep Tissue Massage Norwich Wymondham Norfolk

Massage Consultation and Assessment

During the massage consultation and assessment stage we will discuss your needs and the nature of your visit prior to any massage treatment. A series of movement assessments will be undertaken to help devise a treatment plan that will also take into account your lifestyle, activities and general health.  A postural assessment will also be undertaken to help identify any imbalances that may be causing musculo-skeltal problems. The majority of people will have musculo-skeletal imbalances due to the lifestyle you lead. If you spend time sitting at a desk or writing on a computer for your job, you are likely to have imbalances in your shoulders and back. Imbalances are caused when some muscles shorten and other muscles lengthen due to continuous stretching. Massage therapy can help address these imbalances and lengthen any shortened muscle fibres. 

The massage consultation process will take approx 30 mins. 

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